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Case studies are mainly assigned by schools and colleges to analyze the depth of knowledge a student possesses regarding a particular subject. But having a packed schedule often makes it hard for students to work on their case studies resulting in poor grades. If you are one of them who are struggling with your case studies, connect with our professionals at Amigo Assignment.

The Types of Case Studies that We Cover

Management Case Study

When it comes to the areas of marketing, development, finance, and organization, such case studies are usually related to the field of management.

Legal Case Study

Usually, disputes that take place between two organizations and individuals require legal knowledge to be resolved. Legal case studies are meant to check the legal knowledge of the students. If you need assistance with such case studies, connect with our team at once.

Nursing Case Study

Nursing case study revolves around specific diseases such as Type II diabetes and patients suffering from pneumonia, pathophysiology, COPD, nursing care plans, nursing invention, etc. A student can't know every field. Under such circumstances, if you need help get in touch with us.

Homework checked

It doesn’t matter if you are in school, college or university; if you are looking for assistance with homework then you have come to the right place. At Amigo Assignment we understand that you may have a busy schedule and finishing homework can be a challenging thing to do. Therefore if you need help, visit our website and place your order with us.

The Categories that We Cover in Amigo Assignment


Most of the writers working at Amigo Assignment have professional experience in this field for years, which allows them to draft contents with the edge that is going to set you apart in class. So if you are currently studying in the K6 to K8 level and need help with your homework just connect with our professionals.


Most of the writers including the tutors who are in Amigo Assignment are qualified experts and have in-depth knowledge of the subject they specialize in. So if you need high-quality support for your assignment, Amigo Assignment is the right place for you.


If you are a student of K11 or K12 then you realize that home works are a lot tougher than it looks as it requires in-depth analysis of each topic. Our teams of professional tutors are aware just how stressful homework can be and therefore provides round the clock assistance.

How Do Our Experts Create Case studies?

It goes without saying that creating case studies are not as easy as pie. Time, Patience and knowledge are required for drafting a case study accurately. Below mentioned are the steps adopted by our professionals while drafting case studies -

Market Survey

The first step required for drafting a research paper is to conduct the essential market survey. This process involves un-quantifiable and quantifiable data regarding the current market policies.

Research Objective

The research objective of every case study differs from one another. While some case studies are based on product, others may be based on customers or brands. Our experts draft the case studies based on the research objective of the paper.

Situational Analysis

In order to make assumptions regarding a particular circumstance, having both the internal and external analysis is important. These analyses are conducted with the help of various tools like SWOT, PESTEL, and Porter’s Five Forces. All our experts are well versed in all the above-mentioned tools.

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